Internet Basics Lesson 1: Understanding What the Internet Is

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The Internet is an information system connecting computers globally. Along the pathway, information is carried from computer to computer. The information may consist of documents, music, photographs, video, games, e-mail, and online chat.

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The Internet has existed among us since the U.S. Department of Defense started developing it in the 1960s as a response to the Cold War. The fear of a nuclear attack spurred the need for a massive computer network that would continue to function even if a large portion of it were destroyed. Its’ mass media appeal didn’t not begin until later with the advancement of the World Wide Web. Today, going ‘online’ is a crucial part of our society.


The Internet is an exciting way to reach out into the world. Throughout your journey of Internet discovery make sure you keep a sense of caution. If a website seems sketchy or too good to be true, then trust your instinct and navigate away from the page. Be safe while surfing and make sure your computer has an Anti-Virus program running. Update your anti-virus program and run the virus scans. Do not give personal information out to others. When it comes to safety on the Internet procede with the same amount of caution you would use in public.

Interesting Tidbit

People are reaching out to other through the Internet more than any other time in history. With the advancement of the Internet, communication between people has increased. The most common use of the Internet is to send electronic mail known as e-mail. There are many FREE e-mail providers that are fairly simple to use.

Vocabulary and Glossary

Broadband  commonly refers to cable or DSL Internet connections. A broadband Internet connection sends a larger amount of information through a wire (or wirelessly) than an old-fashioned dial up connection.

A browser is a software program used to access and navigate the Internet. It is used to enable users to view web pages.


The Internet is an information system connecting computers globally. It is an electronic communications pathway. It includes all the physical telephones lines and other cables that link computers to computers.

Internet Service Provider (ISP)
A company that offers a connection to the Internet. Customers develop an account with a local Internet Service Provider to access the World Wide Web from the Internet.
World Wide Web
Accessed through the Internet, a set of documents that uses Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP). HTTP is a procedure used to request and transmit files. It is the coded format language used for creating documents on the WWW and controlling how web pages appear. Although used interchangeably with the term Internet, they are not the same.

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More Information

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To visit the previous websites, place your mouse over the underlined link above then click. You must be connected to the internet in order for the link to work.

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