Email Basics Lesson 1: Understanding What Email Is

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Email is one way of keeping in touch with family and friends. Email is electronic mail that is sent from your computer to another with news, photos or files. It is quick and can be done at anytime of day or night. Years ago we would pick up a pen and paper to write a letter to a family member or friend and it could take days or even weeks to arrive. Email is almost instant. As soon as they read your letter, they can reply just as fast.

There are many different companies that provide email services. Do not worry about knowing how to use all of them.  The concepts covered in this class are similar regardless of the email service or program you decide to use, so you should be able to transfer the concepts to the email service or program of your choice.

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What is Email (E-Mail)?

The term email is used when we use technology (or computers) to send and receive correspondence from one computer to another computer. The sending and receiving of correspondence is not limited to just words. You can also use email to share photos, poems, or web addresses of sites that you want to share with others.


Be patient with yourself while learning to email. The more you email the more comfortable you will become with using the tools.

Interesting Tidbit

You can make a list of people to send the same email to, and with one click they all receive your message!

Vocabulary and Glossary

Email is short for electronic mail and emailing is the process of sending correspondence from one computer to another computer.
An attachment is a file, for example a photo, that is electronically "attached" to email.
Drag and Drop
To drag and drop means to click and hold a photo with the mouse and literally drag it across the screen into an email message.
To forward is to send an email you have received on to someone else or to several people.
To reply is to answer an email message without having to insert a fresh address
To delete is to remove an email message from your inbox.  It may be deleted permanently, or it may be moved to  the "trash" or "recycle bin".
The place in the email program or service where the emails you have received are stored.  You can think of it as a file cabinet for your mail.

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