Email Basics Lesson 3: Creating an Email Account

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Sometimes it seems that the hardest part about email is deciding which email system you are going to use!

We will be using a very common emailing program called Yahoo. Yahoo is popular because it is available to you anywhere you can access the Internet. Your local library for example would be a great place for you to access your Yahoo account.

Many people will use Microsoft Outlook or Outlook Express which is installed, (or loaded), on their computer. These two programs require you to configure them to work with your Internet Service Provider. An Internet Service Provider, (or ISP), is the company you use to access the Internet.

This sounds complicated but it isn’t. The Internet Service Provider will provide the step by step instructions to allow you to configure Microsoft Outlook or Outlook Express. If you do not own these programs, or even a computer, this doesn’t mean you are at a loss. There are many email systems that are free for you to use.

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Create an Email Account

The first thing you will need to do is create an Email Account. In this example, we will need to access the Internet. As mentioned previously, we will be using Yahoo.

The steps below will walk you through accomplishing this task.

  1. Access the Internet and on the browser Address bar, type and press Enter. This will take you to the main page for Yahoo. This screen may look a bit overwhelming but don’t worry we will not be staying here long.
  2. Toward the top right of the screen about two inches down not quite in the center is a window box. In the window box, you will see Free mail: Sign Up. Click on it. 
  3. Yahoo email sign-up button
  4. This will bring you to a screen where you will create a User Account and Password. Let’s take this screen in sections. Enter your first and last name. You do not have to enter gender, birthday, and postal code (zip code) but can if you would like.
  5. This next section is where you will select your Email address. Yahoo, and other email programs, will offer suggestions for you to consider as an email name. Feel free to enter a different name if you chose. Type a password and re-type it for confirmation.
  6. Section 3 will ask you to enter information to aid you in case you forget your password. It is recommended that you complete this area. Don’t worry if you do not have another or alternate email address. You can skip that area. Click the down arrow by Security Question to select one of the questions to answer.
  7. We are almost done! The next section will provide security to your email account. In the field labeled Type the code shown, type the letters that are shown just below in the bigger box, then click in the "Do you agree" box.  The small symbol that looks like a pair of curvy arrows is something you can click on to get a different set of letters if the one you've been given is too difficult to read.
  8. Once you have finished the questions above, click Create My Account. Your account will be created and you should now be in your very own Email Account! Congratulations!


When creating your new account, it is very important that you write down your new email account address and your password. Keep your password in a safe location. It can be very frustrating to lose your password. In addition, knowing your email address will make it easier to give it out to family and friends.  You will not need to give your password out, only your email address.

Interesting Tidbit

People often pick usernames that reflect them in some way, such as Momlv5 (for a mom of five).

Vocabulary and Glossary

Email is short for electronic mail and is correspondence sent from one computer to another computer.
A type of email used through a web site.  Yahoo and Gmail provide this type of email.
Internet Service Provider
Company used to provide access to the Internet.

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More Information

Free email accounts overview:

Best email providers:

Gmail - an email provider with great search capabilities and less advertising:

To visit the previous website, place your mouse over the underlined link above then click. You may need to hold the CTRL button on your keyboard the same time as you click on the link. You must be connected to the internet in order for the link to work.

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