Email Basics Lesson 4: Create and Send an Email Message

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Now that you have an email account, let’s create and send our first email message. We will need an email address of someone we know to complete the following steps.

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Create and send an Email Message

Let’s send an email message using your Yahoo account. Log in to your account first, by going to and  look for this box on the upper right:

Yahoo login area

Click on "Mail" and you will be prompted to enter your Yahoo ID (Username) and Password. After entering these, click "Sign In".

You should now see the main email page.  In the upper left, click on the Compose button.

Yahoo compose button

This will open up the email template to send an email.

Email template to compose your message

In the To: field, enter the email address of the person you are sending an email. Enter a Subject to your email. For example, “Just saying hi”.

In the body of the email, type your letter or what you want to share with the person you are emailing. When you are done, click the Send button and your email will be sent.


Be sure to include something to let the recipient know what the email is about and/or who the email is from. Enter a subject.  It's better to have a more specific subject.  For example, "Just saying hi" is OK, but anybody could say that.  If you use something more personal, such as "Thanks for the chili recipe" or "Wondering how you're doing with your renovation", the recipient will know it's probably not just spam.  This is a good practice to follow when sending emails and also to keep in mind when you receive email. Be very cautious about opening any email that doesn’t have any information in the subject, it could be a virus.   A good rule of thumb is to NEVER open an email from an email address your don't recognize, especially if it doesn't have a subject in the subject line.

Interesting Tidbit

Remember you can check your email anywhere there is a computer and Internet access. Just be sure to log off when you are done. This will ensure that no one will go on your account and read your personal email.

Vocabulary and Glossary

Email Template
The design that appears that allows for entering the email address you are sending the email message to, the subject and what you want to say in the body of the email.
The bar across the top of the template that allows you to change settings so your email will look the way you wish it to look. Included in the toolbar is the font style, font size, color of the type, bolding, italicizing, underlining, spell check, emoticons, spacing, centering.
Font Face
The typeface of your text.
Font Size
The size of your text.
Highlight color
A background color that makes your text appear highlighted.
Little faces that express various emotions that you can insert into your text.

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More Information

Basic email etiquette:

An explanation of the CC: and BCC: fields:

To visit the previous website, place your mouse over the underlined link above then click. You may need to hold the CTRL button on your keyboard the same time as you click on the link. You must be connected to the internet in order for the link to work.

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