Email Basics Lesson 5: Opening an Email Message

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In order to read your email, you will need to access your email account by logging in.  Once logged into your account any new email will be located in the folder labeled Inbox. It is like opening your mailbox to see what is there.

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Open an Email Message

After logging into your email account, you should see a folder called Inbox. The Inbox is where new mail comes that is sent to you. Each message in the inbox is like a letter you need to open by clicking on it.

yahoo inbox

In the example above, there is an email message from Betsy Brooks. Clicking on the email Subject (in this case "link to google invoice template") will open the email message allowing you to read it.

When you are done reading the email message, you can close the email message by clicking on the words Back to Messages above the row of buttons at the top of the message. This closes the email but does not remove it from your Inbox.  If you do want to delete a message, you can click on the Delete button to send the message to the Trash Folder.


Sometimes you might receive email from someone you do not know. If you do NOT recognize the email address, do not open the message.  It is also important not to open any files that are attached to an email. Attached files are files that are connected to the main email message. Many times this is how people share pictures, or other information, but if it is from an unknown source it could contain a virus.

Interesting Tidbits

Emails received will stay in your Inbox until you delete them. You will want to periodically delete the emails or move them to another folder for safe keeping. Deleted emails are located in the Deleted Folder.  In Yahoo, they will usually stay there for a while, then disappear.  You can permanently delete them immediately if you wish by clicking on the word "Empty" next to the Trash Folder. You can create folders to better organize your mail, just like a filing cabinet.

Vocabulary and Glossary

In an email program or website, a place to store emails and organize them.
Logging In
The action of entering your username and password to access your email account.
The folder in your email account where new email is located.
Trash Folder
The folder where removed email is stored until permanently removed.
Attached Files
Files that are attached to the main email message that often hold pictures, files, or other information that the sender wants to share.

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More Information

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To visit the previous website, place your mouse over the underlined link above then click. You may need to hold the CTRL button on your keyboard the same time as you click on the link. You must be connected to the internet in order for the link to work.

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