Email Basics Lesson 7: Replying to an Email

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In this lesson will be discussing how to “reply” to an email message you have received in your Inbox. Some feel this is easier than sending an email from scratch, because the email address is automatically inserted in the To: area of the email message.

The following will assume that you have signed into your email account and have an email message in your Inbox.

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Reply to an Email

Select an email message that you want to send a respond to. Click on the email message to open it and notice the options on the top toolbar of the window. We will be using the Reply button.

Click on the Reply button.

The window will change, placing the original email message toward the bottom of the new window and leaving a space for your response at the top of the window.  It automatically inserts the sender’s email address in the To: field.

At this point you could click in the Body of the Email message and start typing your response. Once you have completed your message, click Send to send your email message.


The Reply button has a down arrow on it. This means if you click the down arrow, there is another option that can be selected. The other option is “Reply All.” “Reply All” means that everyone who was listed as receiving the same email message you received, will be inserted in the To: field and will receive your response if you click Send. Use this option when you are positive you want to respond to everyone on the email message you received.

Interesting Tidbit

To receive e-mail, send e-mail. Now that you have an e-mail account be sure to pass it along to friends and family. It is fun to receive e-mail. After a few e-mail correspondence you will be more confident while keeping in touch with those you care about.

Vocabulary and Glossary

To respond to an email you received in your Inbox.
Reply All
Will send your response to all people listed in the original email message that you received. Use this option with caution.
The area where you can find the “tools” to assist you in writing your message.

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More Information

More tips on email:

To visit the previous website, place your mouse over the underlined link above then click. You may need to hold the CTRL button on your keyboard the same time as you click on the link. You must be connected to the internet in order for the link to work.

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