How do I Connect to the Internet?

You use your library’s computers, you visit friends and family and use their computers, and now you would like to have your own computer at your house. Perhaps you are just curious as to how it all works.

Here is the path:

•      Personal Computer (preferably running an up-to-date operating system) compatible with the following connection steps.

•      Then decide HOW you will connect to the Internet. There are some possibilities: a modem or broadband?

•      Modem uses telephones lines to transmit and receive information

•      Broadband commonly found in cable or DSL connections. Sends a larger amount of information through a wire. Much faster than dial up.

It may come down to what is available in your area.

•      Internet Service Provider. There are many available in our area. You will need to open an account. A technician will be available to further assist you with connected to them.

•      Connection software that will allow you to establish an account with a service provider and access the Internet. Including a web browser.

•      Browser is a software program used to access and navigate the Internet. Used to enable users to view web pages.


Here is a nice website that explains the process:

To visit the previous website, place your mouse over the underlined link above then click.